class ProtectionZoneClient

OnNotificationProtectionZoneChangeTopic : Subscribes to protection zone change topic for notifications

OnNotificationToolSphereChangeTopic : Subscribes to tool sphere change topic for notifications

class EventBrokerClient

OnNotificationEventTopic : Subscribes to new events notifications

class ToolManagerClient

OnNotificationActiveToolInformationChangedTopic : Subscribes to tool information notifications

OnNotificationToolInformationTopic : Subscribes to custom tool notifications

class ControlConfigClient

OnNotificationControlConfigurationTopic : Subscribes to control configuration notifications

OnNotificationControlModeTopic : Subscribes to control mode topic for notifications

class IndustrialIOClient

OnNotificationDigitalOutputChangeTopic : Subscribes to digital output change topic for notifications.

OnNotificationDigitalInputChangeTopic : Subscribes to digital input change topic for notifications.

OnNotificationAnalogIOChangeTopic : Subscribes to analog input/output change topic for notifications.

OnNotificationWristAnalogIOChangeTopic : Subscribes to wrist’s analog configuration change topic for notifications. This notification is only emitted when the Industrial I/O Plugin changes the wrist’s configuration. It’s not emitted when the analog value changes.

class BaseClient

OnNotificationConfigurationChangeTopic : Subscribes to configuration change topic for notifications

OnNotificationOperatingModeTopic : Subscribes to operating mode topic for notifications

OnNotificationControllerTopic : Subscribes to controller topic for notifications

OnNotificationActionTopic : Subscribes to action topic for notifications

OnNotificationRobotEventTopic : Subscribes to robot event topic for notifications

OnNotificationServoingModeTopic : Subscribes to servoing mode topic for notifications

OnNotificationFactoryTopic : Subscribes to factory topic for notifications

OnNotificationArmStateTopic : Subscribes to robot arm state notifications

OnNotificationUpdatingModeTopic : Subscribes to updating mode topic for notifications

OnNotificationHandGuidingModeTopic : Subscribes to Hand-Guiding mode topic for notifications

OnNotificationEnablingDeviceTopic : Subscribes to enabling device topic for notifications

OnNotificationMotionTopic : Subscribes to motion topic for notifications

OnNotificationProgramRequestTopic : Subscribes to program request topic for notifications

OnNotificationArmCalibrationStatusChangeTopic : Subscribes to arm calibration status change topic for notifications

OnNotificationAcknowledgeActionTopic : Subscribes to acknowledge action topic for notifications

class VariableManagerClient

OnNotificationVariableChangeTopic : Subscribes to Configuration change topic on variables

OnNotificationVariableJsonSchemasChangedTopic : Subscribes to variable JSON schemas changes notification

class PluginClient

OnNotificationStateTopic : Subscribes to State change topic for the Plugin

OnNotificationConfigurationChangeTopic : Subscribes to Configuration change topic for the Plugin

OnNotificationActionTopic : Subscribes to Action notifications for the Plugin

OnNotificationInfoChangeTopic : Subscribes to Info change topic for the Plugin

class ToolPluginClient

OnNotificationToolInformationTopic : Subscribes to tool information notifications

class PluginManagerClient

OnNotificationPluginUpdatedTopic : Notification of plugin update events

OnNotificationPluginInstallationTopic : Notification of plugin installation events

class ProgramRunnerClient

OnNotificationStateChangeTopic : Subscribes to state event notifications

OnNotificationStatusChangeTopic : Subscribes to status event notifications

OnNotificationConfigurationChangeTopic : Subscribes to Configuration change topic on programs

OnNotificationExecutionEventTopic : Subscribes to program execution event notifications

class SafetyIOClient

OnNotificationSafetyIOChangeTopic : Subscribes to safety io change topic for notifications

class SafetyControlUnitConfigClient

OnNotificationSafetyParametersChecksumChangeTopic : Subscribes to safety parameters checksum change topic for notifications

class SafetyFunctionsClient

OnNotificationSafetyFunctionChangeTopic : Subscribes to safety function change topic for notifications

OnNotificationSafetyModeChangeTopic : Subscribes to safety function change topic for notifications

OnNotificationProtectiveStopChangeTopic : Subscribes to protective stop change topic for notifications